LED Lighting



This cost-effective solution converts old florescent fittings to have modern, energy conserving LED fittings and lightbulbs


Replacing older lighting with new LED fixtures to improve the look, function, and the energy consumption of the space


Incorporating lighting controls to improve energy savings by tuning light levels for the appropriate task and utilizing occupancy and/or daylight controls


Allow us to use our experience to redesigning spaces for what they are utilized for today and can healthier and more uniform light levels in work areas, for example

Improvements to lighting technology within any space positively impact people, operating metrics, and increase the value of any facility.


Energy Efficient

LED lights are 90% more efficient than traditional light sources.

Cost Effective Lifespan

LED contain no filament and last 6 times longer than other lights and yield overall lower maintenance costs.  The average LED bulb can last an amazing 50,000 hours.

Operate Cool and Safe

LED lighting temperatures are lower than fluorescent or halogen lamps, making them safer.  Fixtures even operate very well in cold weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Florescent lights contain noxious chemicals and mercury, LED lights do not.

Design Flexibility

LEDs are very small.  They can be used in almost any application, fitting easily into both large and small spaces.

Responsive and Bright

LED bulbs deliver instant brightness in focused areas, without a reliance on reflectors.  They also can be easily dimmed.

Acuity Brands
Industrial Lighting Products

Commercial Buildings

The commercial application of LED technology provides countless benefits including consistently lit working environments, operational temperature independence, and advanced controls and automation.

Retail Stores

Use LED illumination within retail spaces to improve product showcasing. Leveraging color choices and directional control of light sources to create an engaging retail experience for customers, and grow bottom lines.

Distribution & Warehouse

Led high-bay lighting, low bay and wet bay lighting all offer powerful and long-lasting illumination for warehouses. When combined with advanced lighting control systems, the cost savings quickly accumulate.

Municipal Buildings

LED technology applications within the educational sector yield environments that are healthier, safer and improve learning.  Additionally, utility incentives and usage savings positively impact municipal budgets.